As we count down to the end of 2018 and look ahead to a new year, we’d like to take this opportunity to share some of Emirates Home Nursing’s milestone moments and community experiences.

    Now in our ninth year as a leading care provider in the UAE, 2018 has been another year of positive growth and experiences for the Emirates Home Nursing family.

    This year we introduced 2,096 new families to our services, providing care across a broad range of nursing and home care support services.

    That translates to more than 674,542 hours of home care in 2018, ably supported by a 50-strong team of highly qualified healthcare professionals located in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

    Key to our success, these wonderful individuals bring passion and dedication to their respective roles, and we ensure that each and every new team member is pre-screened through a series of intensive interviews to determine their fit with our team – and your loved ones.

    Training and development of the team is therefore crucial and helps us ensure that we deliver the highest standards of patient care and support. The team has delivered and completed a total of 36 different Dubai Health Authority-accredited training programmes, comprehensive in-house courses and workshops in 2018.

    Physiotherapy is an area where we are seeing increasing demand, so much so that our amazing team physio has a full appointment calendar but, as part of our commitment to support wellbeing in the community, we are doing our best to accommodate all enquiries for home physiotherapy sessions.

    ‘Physiotherapy also requires a lot of physical and mental strength conditioning. That’s why I believe that exercising in familiar surroundings gives my patients the comfort they need. Physiotherapy at home helps keep the mind relaxed. I have helped many patients recover from pain in 2018 and I am looking forward to help more people in 2019” Surya Levin, Physiotherapist

    We’re also delighted to report that Emirates Home Nursing’s babysitting service is proving to be the preferred choice for Dubai’s upscale hotels, with our services in demand from more than 32 properties this year (including Sharjah).

    This is just one example of how we support families through at home and external childcare services, with our newborn care programme also extremely popular with new mums everywhere.

    ‘I am really looking forward to helping more new mothers in 2019 as they take their first steps into motherhood. It’s always exciting to be there when we give a mum’s newborn their first bath, when I help her change the diaper for the first time, and when I see her becoming more confident while handling her new baby.” Davinderjeet Kaur, Newborn Care Nurse

    When it comes to clinical care, our high-profile hospital partnerships continue to grow, and we are working with the top hospitals in Dubai to provide their patients with the post-discharge nursing care. This ensures the seamless transition from hospital to home, and our team works closely with treating physicians to improve post-operative recovery time.

    ‘I’ve been able to help many elderly people in 2018, and most of them want to stay in their homes as long as possible and avoid going back to hospital. It’s what is familiar, and I make sure that their home is where they are comfortable. I feel proud and happy knowing that I helped them get the nursing care they need at home.” Ruby Giri, Senior Care Nurse


    “Nurse Jenny was everything we expected. Attentive and friendly, we were very impressed with her patience and we came home to two sleeping babies!”

    “Ren was great – a lovely, engaged and friendly lady. We couldn’t have been happier.”

    “Sarju is amazing and we feel comfortable leaving her with our children. Our girls really enjoy being left in her care. We can’t wait for her next visit!”

    “The nurses were great, very friendly and professional. I’ll definitely request your service every time I come to Dubai – and recommend you to people.”

    “Lana was so amazing; our children literally cried the next morning because their friend wasn’t there!”

    COMING UP IN 2019

    • We invite you to follow us on social media in 2019, where you will have exclusive special offers and exciting competitions also be launching exciting competitions.
    • And if you are one of the 103 Government departments or Dubai Police holders of an ESAAD Card, you now have access to preferred discounted rates on all our services.

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