Midwifery services

Home care services covering all aspects of pregnancy and childbirth, including information and consultation during pregnancy, delivery and post-natal care of mother and infant.

Emirates Home Nursing offer care to women during and after their pregnancy, including prenatal education and support, childbirth and post-natal education as well as new-born consultations. Our services ensure that women and their babies receive a continuum of skilled care during pregnancy, delivery, and in the critical days and weeks after birth, all in the comfort of their home

 Our services include the following:

Prenatal education classes

  • Antenatal classes and childbirth preparation including information on different foetal positions, preterm labour, stages of labour, birth positions and birth plans
  • Lifestyle and nutritional support
  • What to prepare in your hospital bag?

Home pregnancy check-ups – Proper prenatal care protects the mother’s and baby’s health. Our midwife will teach women about the changes their body is going through as pregnancy advances. Prenatal visits will include checking blood pressure, the baby’s growth, the baby’s position as well as heart rate to ensure that both mother and baby are in good health throughout the various stages of pregnancy.

Home visits for emotional and psychological support during pregnancy and after delivery– our midwife will check and monitor the mother’s mental wellbeing and advise on healthy diet and exercise choices and prepare women for the new family dynamic. She will also support with emotional changes in pregnancy including prenatal depression and anxiety, feelings about parenthood, communicating with the partner and advise on healthy ways to cope with stress.

Post-natal support and new-born home consultations– including assistance and education on breastfeeding, sleep training and routines, the proper way of holding a new-born, baby bathing, using milk pumps, and ensuring that mother’s recovery is going well.

Post-natal education and classes:

  • First Aid for parents and nannies
  • Sleep training
  • Breastfeeding
  • Baby massage
  • Baby brain development
  • How to manage allergies

Well-woman care and health before pregnancy – Our midwife will provide a full spectrum of guidance and support to women through their lifespan. She will offer education on living a healthy lifestyle and protecting your fertility, birth control, and how to space pregnancies and learn from your past pregnancies.


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