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How to Communicate with someone who has Dementia

Doctors explain the causes, symptoms, and treatment, along with tips on how you can help but this is not always enough. We believe that every person affected by Dementia needs to have people around them that are patient, compassionate and can help to ease their frustration.   With a few simple tips from this blog […]

Keep your Kids Busy this Summer with these 11 Excellent Activities.

If you’re lost when it comes to keeping your child busy during the Summer of ’21, don’t worry because we’ve found multiple at-home DIYs online to keep your children active and stimulated.   In this short listicle, we have subdivided our DIY finds into those fit for toddlers and those fit for children aged 6-10. […]

Summer Vacation Guide for Busy Parents: How to Keep Your Child Entertained

You already know this- Summer 2021 is going to be different. If you haven’t already predicted the outcomes, there is a small list of facts to consider. – Travel restrictions are going to make it difficult for you to leave the country to go home- the grandparents and cousins that ideally would keep your child […]

The Secret to Hiring the Perfect Babysitter

  One of the most challenging experiences in a parent’s life is to be able to ensure that their child remains well taken care of while they’re away at work or when they’re busy.   Assistance is necessary more often than not. Hiring a babysitter or a caregiver for your child can help take a […]

Is Fasting Good for your Health? 5 Myths of Fasting – Debunked

  Ramadan this year brings along several health concerns in light of the Coronavirus spread. From compromising your immune system to keeping the virus at bay through drinking water, we debunk some of the most common fasting myths surrounding during the holy month.   Common Fasting Myth: Fasting can compromise the immune system  Reality: Fasting improves your immune […]

9 Unique Baby Bonding Tricks You Need to Try

Being a new mum is difficult as it is, creating a bond with your newborn baby is a whole new worry. Studies find that 20% of new moms and dads feel no real emotional attachment to their newborn in the hours after delivery. Sometimes, it takes weeks or even months. For moms, this is usually because of [...]

A Checklist to Prepare your Family for COVID-19

    As the Covid-19 continues to pose a threat for our community, Emirates Home Nursing wants to encourage everyone to stay at home and practice recommended hygiene and quarantine measures.   Here’s a checklist to keep yourself and family safe and prepared.     1. Find the Numbers to Call for Help  The UAE is taking […]

New Online Consultation for Expectant and New Mothers

Emirates Home Nursing supports the stay-at-home drive and urges our community in the UAE to practice social distancing. To support our healthcare system and relief medical workers, we join global efforts to encourage patients and residents to avoid visiting hospitals except in emergencies and opt of online consultation services.   We continue to offer value […]

Care for elderly begins at home… With a little support from us.

      None of us wants to think about ageing, and especially the idea of having to rely on others, or our loved ones, to take care of our most basic physical needs; but knowing that professional support is available is incredibly reassuring. When it comes to senior care in the UAE, Emirates Home […]

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