Looking for injection support at home? Our team of experts can help.
Administering an injection is one of the most basic medical procedures, yet it requires proper attention and experience. No matter how skilled or courageous you are, it comes with inherent risks if you choose to administer yourself.

The alternative would be to seek a professional’s help. In most cases this entails making an appointment at the clinic, travel time, queuing and delays. Now imagine if you need injections on a daily basis, the process on repeat can take its toll, at what is often already a stressful time.

At Emirates Home Nursing we offer a stress-free solution. We bring the injection service into the comfort of your own home. Call us and schedule your injection administration and one of our qualified nurses will be at your door in less than 2 hours. We will make sure that the right dose is given at the right time based on your medical prescription.

Our services are not only for adults, we also offer for babies and children. Administering injections to young patients comes with its own unique challenges and needs to be handled sensitively to avoid lasting phobias or pain. Engaging one of our home injection nurses is peace of mind for both parent and child.

Types of injection services we provide:

  • Intramuscular injection (IM)
  • Intravascular injections (IV)
  • Subcutaneous injections
  • Hormonal injections
  • IVF Trigger Injections

What we will need from you:

  • Prescription
  • Prescribed Medicines
  • Syringe and Needle (if you don’t have this, please let us know and we will arrange at the cost of it )
  • Container for disposal (we can provide )

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